Courier business

What are the advantages of starting courier service.

1. Low investment.

2. High profit margin.

3. Very fewer staff required.

4. Daily turnover.

5. No stocks.

6. No need of infrastructure.

7. Low risk.

What are the disadvantages of starting courier service.

1. On time service.

2. No vacation or holidays.

3. Need good communication skills.

What are the requirements to start courier services.

Q. What is initial investment?
A. $500(32, 000 Rs.) TO $1000(65,000 Rs.)

Q. What is minimum area required?
A. 100 SQ FT TO 200 SQ FT

Q. Any educational qualification?

Q. Any special training?

Q. How many staff members' required?

Q. what is the time to return investment?

Q. What would be the monthly income?
A. APPROX $600(39,000 Rs.) TO $1000(65,500 Rs.)

Things to keep in mind before starting courier service.

1. Make initial decisions on your service area and types of envelope and packages you want to deliverer and you can deliver easily on time.

2. Meet with the old courier agency and have the idea of the working in your area so it will be easy for you to start your own business.

3. Have all the necessary equipment like bike, motorcycle, loader, truck etc whichever be necessary for you.

4. In initial stages you need to fix out your monthly expenses and plan according to it.

5. Look up in your area that what's the charges which are lived by the other courier company and agency and deiced how much to charge.

6. Have all the proper knowledge of your business and figure out what kinds of licenses and permits you need. To start and run the business.

7. Make all registration for income tax, professional into tax permits. And get the copy of incorporation of your business.

8. Get insurance of your shop and instrument.

9. Initial hire and train employees. With one or two untrained, so they will be ready in two or three months, and they will cost you less.

10. Advertise your business locally, newspaper, pamphlets, holdings etc.

11. Look for clients and customers wherever you go whoever you meet.

12. Be persistent in your business. It takes time to set any business success will take time to it will not come easily.

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