What is the initial investment?

Around $ 150 (10,000 Rs.).

How much area should be needed?
Around 10 sq ft * 10 sq ft.

Do i have to recruit any staff?
Yes you can according to your need.

What is minimum education qualification required?
Any not necessary.

Is there any special training required?
Yes stitching and cutting training.

Return of investment?
One month.

Income per month ?
$ 150 (10,000 Rs.) to $ 750 (55,000 Rs.)

This can be one of the best home based business ideas. In last decade the trend has been changed there are very less people who prefer tailored clothes . 

so in last decade the tailors have been significantly decreased . so now there is always shortage of a tailor and now you can start this business ideas without much investment. 

This business needs some technical knowledge about cutting and stitching. you can start your own business at home and get customer from your society and friends. this is best business ideas to start.


Sewing Classes Business

A business can also be described as an organization that provides goods and services for human need. The main aim of business is to maximize the profit by minimizing the expenses. 

Today in this modern and expensive world no one can sit ideal and enjoy the life. Everything is costly and to overcome this problem the need of money arises. Due to the development of technology one can change the world & make it better place. 

Talent can never hide as we all know that Talent is like electricity, we can’t see it but can use it. 
In simple words, it can be defined as if a person has the talent of doing anything than he or she can earn good amount of money and can enjoy the luxurious life.

Sewing Classes Business adds wings to the vision of woman’s thought and bring their identity to its existence. Starting a new business requires a lot of patience and a big heart to face difficulty or problems. If a woman has a desire to do something, has an interest in clothes, designing and loves to do sewing and at the same time if she wants to become independent than to give a start to Sewing business is not a bad idea. 

 “Knowledge gives the wings to fly” and today many companies are offering an ample opportunities to upcoming talents with job opportunities. They appoint well-qualified and talented staff as the main target of the company is to secure the future of the company. In today world, everyone is fascinated for his self-improvement and self-growth. 

Idea of Sewing Classes Business 
Sewing Classes Business can be done at large scale just by tying up with big companies and by fulfilling their order on time. Before initializing a Sewing Classes Business the owner should have a complete knowledge of it and most importantly it should have the knowledge of repairing the machines as it is a time –seeking process and if you have complete knowledge of the machine and fabrics than no one can stop you from reaching to the top class and doing this business in large scale.
What are the Requirements of starting a Sewing Classes Business?

To give a start to a Sewing Classes Business one must fulfill these requirements-

•Build a proper space 

•Create an interest of sewing among people

•Do research work so as to find out the probable students for your class

•Do proper advertisements of your work which can be done by distributing pamphlets, and by        giving ads on newspapers

•Create a lesson plan for the class so that no confusion may arise in the class

•Determine the proper rates of your class and set it according to the hours you are going to allot to each student.

•Collect all the requirements such as threads, needles and most importantly fabric.

•Bring a quality of Machines and arrange it so that each and every student can use and learn to stitch clothes easily.

Initializing a new and creative business idea is usually the first challenge faced by every tycoon when starting a business from scratch. Finding the right occupation and to keep it running smoothly and then to earn profit from it, is not an easy task. The main function is to manage the business and money properly. 

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