Table of contents

1. What are the advantages of mobile repairing shop.

2. What are the disadvantages of mobile repairing shop.

3. What are the requirements to start mobile repairing shop.

4. What is procedure to start mobile repairing shop.

5. Overview

What are the advantages of mobile repairing shop.

1. High profit margins.

2. Low investment.

3. No special education.

4. No risk.

5. Less or no seasonal effect.

6. No specific area.

7. No hard work.

What are disadvantages of mobile repairing shop.

1. After sales service.

2. Fast service.

3. High risk of damage.

What are the requirements to start mobile repairing shop.

Q. What is the least Investments?
Ans: 50,000 ₹ or $1,000.00

Q. What is the least Space required?
Ans: 10 × 10 sq ft.

Q. What is the least Education required?
Ans: not needed.

Q. Is any Qualification required?
Ans: not needed.

Q. Is there any Special training?
Ans: yes mobile repairing courses hardware and software.

Q. What is the Profit margin?
Ans: 50-70%.

Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
Ans: 3 months.

Q. Is there any specific Area or place required?
Ans: No.

Q. How many staff members required?
Ans: zero to three as required.

What is procedure to start mobile repairing shop.

1. Apply for GST, Professional tax, firm establishment certificate or incorporation certificates.

2. Find a place nearby markets or high density residential areas. Avail rent agreement, if rented property.(Minimum 2 years)

3. Buy an instrument, tools and required machine.

4. Buy counters, tables, partition, and racks.

5. Buy mobile phones Spare and parts which are most used like Mic, speaker, battery, charging socket, etc.

6. Open bank account so you can accept all the mediums of payments via UPI, PAY TM, GOOGLE PAY, etc. (very important)

7. List your shop in Google my business and local directories.

8. Make sign board and Banner.

9. Print visiting cards, print pamphlets, and buy some stationery.

10. Advertise your shop in Newspapers, distribute pamphlets nearby areas.


As of now, day by day we are more dependent on technology mobile, the internet, laptop so there we need the mobile and laptop repaired if it's not working or damages.

Mobile repairing is one of the highest grossing business in Asia as they don't afford the new phone every time when they damage their phones and insurance is too far for phones older than 1 year.

Sometimes the data in the phone are very necessary, and they don't have any backup. So, their only option is, a phone to be repaired as soon as possible.

So, they need someone who can repair it as soon as possible. Mobile repairing business is low in investment and very high in returns. And you can start your business anywhere you want even in villages they need the technician to repair their phones.

It is a very profitable business and best business ideas to start. This business has around 70 to 80% profit the margin.

If you want to start this business, you just need to take some technical knowledge of hardware and software. And need to buy some instruments.

Mobile repairing course will cost you around 10,000 ₹ and the instrument will cost you around 15,000 ₹ only.

For e.g., If the speaker of the mobile phone, is not working u need to change it so, it will cost around 5 ₹ and they will charge u least 100 ₹ to change the speaker. So, it's one of the best businesses in the market. One of the best business ideas and MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

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