Tea stall

Table of contents

1. How to start Tea shop.

2. What are the advantages of Tea shop.

3. What are disadvantages of Tea shop.

4. What are the requirements to start Tea shop.

5. What is procedure to start tea shop.

This is the easiest and best business ideas anyone can do without much investment and any technical knowledge or skill.

How to start Tea shop.

1. Look for proper place to start.

2. Make some plan to get investment.

3. Buy required utensils and some materials.

4. You will need to have one or two helpers.

5. Make some special varieties other than regular tea or coffee so people can come to enjoy your specialty.

6. Apply for FASSI certificate it will cost you around 1500.

7. Make arrangements for gutter lines and wash areas.

8. You need to have industrial gas connection.

9. Maintain proper hygienic surrounding.

10. Choose corner shop with adequate parking, so you will not disturb anyone around.

One of the fastest and the best business ideas with high profitable business in India. This is the business in which you can get around 60% of the profit margin without bargaining and competition.

This business will start With very low investment and now a day we have seen many franchises of tea stall had come up in India for e.g. Khetlapa, chai pe charcha, tea corner, tea post. This is one of the best business ideas and MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

What are the advantages of Tea shop.

1. High profit margin.

2. No infrastructure expenses.

3. Less paper work.

4. Low investment.

5. No special qualification required.

What are disadvantages of Tea shop.

1. Not a professional business.

2. No vacation.

3. Hygienically high in maintenance.

What are the requirements to start Tea shop.

Q. What is the least Investments?
Ans: 35,000 ₹ or $1000.00

Q. What is the least Space required?
Ans: 10 × 10 sq ft.

Q. What is the least Education required?
Ans: not needed.

Q. Is any Qualification required?
Ans: not needed.

Q. Is there any Special training?
Ans: not needed.

Q. What is the Profit margin?
Ans: 40-60%.

Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
Ans: 1 month.

Q. Is there any specific Area or place required?
Ans: No.

Q. How many staff members required?
Ans: Two to five as required.

What is procedure to start tea shop.

1. Make, rent agreement if rented property.(Minimum 5 years)

2. Make arrangements to buy utensils and other required things like gas stove, utensils, sugar, tea, coffee, etc.

3. Apply for Fassi, health and Safety certificate, professional tax, establishment certificate (gumasta dhara).(Mandatory)

4. Open bank account so you can accept payments via UPI, PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY, etc. (very important)

5. Make Board, Banner, and Menu.

6. Make visiting cards and Buy some stationery.

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