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To organizing an event is a very difficult and responsibility-laden procedure. It requires huge volume of management level and it also requires an extensive devotion and dedication of a person so as to complete the specified task in a pre-determined time.

To get all things done by an experts an event planners are appointed. This requirement gives birth to Event Planning Business as in this busy world to plan the task and finish it on time and that too in a required time is a time consuming process.

Today no one has time to prepare the event for amusement. So Event Planners create the event and make it unforgettable and memorable. Events hold a great importance in marketing and it is the main tool to attract the media.

What is the Requirement of Event Planning Business? 
As these days social gatherings like weddings, gala dinners, theme parties and many other gatherings requires perfect venue and event should be entirely organized. The customers of today are smart and they know where to invest money or not. They appreciate the value of good ideas and are ready to pay for it also. So to fulfill the demand of the customers Event planners are recruited so that they can execute the ideas and deliver their assist to its clients.

What is the function of Event Planners?
  • It aims at providing well planned service to its guests 
  • Through event planners one can easily make the occasion special.
  • It saves the valuable time of its customers by giving a quality services at right time and at right place.
  • Professionals and experienced event planners are very dedicated towards their services 
  • They can access the task and organize the event with skills and expertise knowledge.
  • They ensure that its clients can remain stress free and can enjoy their quality time with friends and relatives. 

The main goal of Event Planner is to provide all comforts and facilities to their guests and as per their expectations. They offer numerous services to its guests to choose from. Event planners provide its clients and regular customers with all common luxuries which are in need and in demand.

Event Planning Business is popular at corporate level also. It not only deals with big companies or firms but also with small companies. It acts as a pleasing benefit in managing the events such as business events, conferences irrespective of academic or corporate. It has different rates so as to suit the requirements of the clients and promise to satisfy the requirements of each and every client with its excellent and superior services.

A perfect and well-experienced Event Planner can design the event and can make its clients a show-stopper. Through its efficient and well-organized services it can add glories to the life of its clients.
With the efficient and effective services and hospitability from its staff members its clients will be amazed and the guests will feel special and superior. A happy event always demands for celebration. For any type of celebration Event Planners are required and they will look after your celebrations and plan the event accordingly.

Q. What is the minimum Investments ?
                 Ans. : 10,000 ₹ 

Q. What is the minimum Space required ?
                 Ans. : 15 sq ft x 10 sq ft.
Q. What is the minimum Education required? 
                 Ans. : not needed. 
Q. Is any Qualification required ?
                 Ans. : not needed.  

Q. Is there any Special training ?    
                 Ans. : not needed. 
Q.what is the Profit margin? 
                  Ans. : 15-20%.  
Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
                 Ans. : 1 months. 
Q. Is there any specific Area or location required?  
                 Ans. : Any.  

Q. How many Staff member required? 
                 Ans. : 0 to 10 as required.  

best business ideas
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This is the best business ideas to do because there is no investment or very less investment in this business you just need some knowledge of party or programmer and you can start this business without any risk of fail . 

In this business you just need the contact s of mandap decorator , photographer , DJ , video shooting , invitational card printer , etc etc.

 you just have to take a full contract from the party and organised everything according to them and they will pay you everything in advance. one of the best business ideas and MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

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