what are the advantages of Tiffin service.

1. High profit margin.

2. No infrastructure needed.

3. No initial investment.

4. No staff needed.

5. No special qualification required.

6. No paper work.

What are disadvantages of Tiffin service.

1. On time service.

2. No vacation.

3. Selection of food everyday.

4. Shopping daily.

What are the requirements to start tiffin service.

Q. What is the minimum Investments?
Ans : 5,000 ₹

Q. What is the minimum Space required?
Ans : 10 x 10sqft.

Q. What is the minimum Education required?
Ans : not needed.

Q. Is any Qualification required?
Ans : not needed.

Q. Is there any Special training?
Ans : not needed.

Q. what is the Profit margin?
Ans : 20-30%.

Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
Ans : 1 month.

Q. Is there any specific Area or location required?
Ans : Any.

Q. How many staff members required?
Ans. : 0 to 10 as required.

Nowadays in big cities and metro cities both the member of the family's husband and wife work so there is no time to make a tiffin in the morning due to their busy schedule and less time.

So there comes the need of tiffin services who can provide tiffin at the office at proper time and home cooked food with better hygiene and quality and this is the best business ideas to start with.

No need to hire a place. You can start this business from home and no initial investment is needed. So, this is the best business ideas to do if you have some knowledge in cooking. One of the best business ideas and MOST PROFITABLE Business.

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