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1. Overview

2. What are the advantages of starting cosmetic shop.

3. What are the disadvantages of cosmetic shop.

4. What are the requirements to start cosmetic shop.

5. What is procedure to start cosmetic shop.


Thats brilliant idea! Congratulation in advance. There are plenty of opportunities in Cosmetic industry. Besides competition, Cosmetics are successfully running. Demand for cosmetics is expanding everywhere including middle class people of developing countries. If you handle it with needs, trends and awareness it can be immense scope of growth.

Next, you have to find a location that fits in your budget or else you have the optin of starting your cosmetic business from home in your initial days. You can also hire a shop by rent, but is expensive for small business owners. See for the way that is best.

I would suggest to start with only few products as time moves on analyze the latest trend running on cosmetics. So that you can plan you’re buying products well. Listen yo your consumers, their demands that will make you teach many things and kepps interested. "Good communication skills can creat impressive marketing".
An effective option for starting your own cosmetic is to sell the cosmetic products online.

Discover all the places such as events in your city and highlight your company's product in beauty parlors. Nowadays, you can surely have the benefit for creating a page on social media with images of the cosmetic products and description such as face book and twitter. Grab audience by posting interactive and useful content about the products u sell
There are also several cosmetic franchises which can be explored are Lakeme, Lo,real, Shahnaaz Husain, Naturals and many more.

Again I am repeated my words, Good communication skills and well thought strategy regarding pricing, cost and constructive way to sell your items will only make you grow and spread as Banyan tree. God bless and regards.

What are the advantages of starting cosmetic shop.

1. Big market and high demand.

2. Very high profit margins.

3. No dead stocks.

4. Ever green business no seasonal affect.

5. Low staff requirements.

What are the disadvantages of cosmetic shop.

1. High stocks.

2. Fast changes in trends.

3. Can't maintain stocks.

What are the requirements to start cosmetic shop.

Q. What is the minimum Investments?
Ans : 1,00,000 ₹

Q. What is the minimum Space required?
Ans : 15 x 10 sq ft.

Q. What is the minimum Education required?
Ans : not needed.

Q. Is any Qualification required?
Ans : not needed.

Q. Is there any Special training?
Ans : not needed.

Q.what is the Profit margin?
Ans : 35-40%.

Q. How much time taken in Return of investment?
Ans : 2 months.

Q. Is there any specific Area or location required?
Ans : Any.

Q. How many staff members' required?
Ans. : 0 to 10 as required.

What is procedure to start cosmetic shop.

1. Find a shop nearby market area's or mall and avail rent agreement, if rented property.(Minimum 2 years)

2. Contact suppliers for cosmetic products To remember doesn't overstock.

3. Buy display racks and counters for shop.

5. Open bank account so you can accept all the mediums of payments via UPI, PAY TM, GOOGLE PAY, etc. (very important)

6. List your shop in Google my business and local directories.

7. Make sign board and Banner.

8. Print visiting cards, print pamphlets, and buy some stationery.

9. Apply for GST, Professional tax, firm establishment certificate or incorporation certificates and health and safety certificate if you are selling any health related products.

10. Advertise your shop in Newspapers, distribute pamphlets nearby areas.

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