Thinking to do some business but don't have much capital. Rental expenses, goods expenses, electric bill expenses etc. And much more. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced .

Do you love different colors ? After that giving them different shapes ? Exciting isn't it ? If yes, then this goes for YOU ...

Get ready for some creativity as well as business. A Candle Making Business makes you both a passionate creator and entrepreneur. With a little guidance you can make beautiful and creative gel wax-candles.

Yes, YOU are your own boss !

Initially candle was just source of light that was really very important after the sun set, as electricity was not invented at that time.

Today candles aren't a practical necessity, they can truly be very meditative and thought provoking.
Nowadays it is vital part of birthday parties, wedding parties, religious ceremony, burial parade etc.
Candles are fragmented by essential oil  and fragrance oil.

Handmade crafts like candles are the fastest growing small-scale business in many foreign countries.
The most popular home decor items on the market are uniquely branded candles.

This business doesn't need many machinery, tools etc. Just some basic supplies, tools an work space.
At the beginning, it's best to stick with one or two products, making container candles is easiest, but you can also make mold candles or taper candles.

Be safe to take precaution, before something bad happens.
You can place your candles for sale in gift stores, craft malls online or on your own website.

Best oils for candles :---

 Love spell - popular fragrance oil with combination of many fruits as grapes, strawberries and orange, added scent of peach and rose petals.
It is non-alcohol, soy and gluten free.
It can be used in candles.

 Very Vanilla - This pleasing fragrance builds off popularity as it is almost vanilla.
 Clean Cotton - You know very well cotton have no smell at all. But this oil gives a refreshing and natural sort of smell blended with lemon, lime, green apple, clean ozone, violet, jasmine, lavender, cedar and lily .

 Balance & grow - This fragrance will give you calmness & make you more relaxed after a busy day.
Amazing creation that helps u balanced, focused and specially during meditation or yoga.
Perfect blend of honey, various citrus and lavender.

Peach Nectar- This oil candle is popular summer item. It makes you fresh & energetic. It is scented by delicious peach with various tropical fruits. It is made for household to freshen up the air.

Essential oils for candles :-

Aromatherapy candles have been used for centuries, as a form of medicine. The candles containing essential oil hold antimicrobial and antiviral properties to help defend the body against disease of the body or mind. we are ! Is it something you have heard from some people or have read somewhere that it is very easy to melt wax, adding fragrance and color, then pouring it into container with a wick ?

No i mean to say it is not only art or craft, it is also science. Research, experiment and test again which takes lots of time and costly too.
Whenever you are making a candle, whether u give away as a gift, or home decor or to sell, just do it genuinely.

You cannot make a perfect candle in one day. It could take time about few months to have success in making exact candle that smells wonderful.

Time for research :--

Research and browse the websites overcrowded with candle making suppliers. This can show you the way such as different waxes, wicks, fragrance molds, additives, containers etc. Visit sites that gives information, tips, provide you tutorials and customer reviews. is the excellent website that helps you and  taking notes throughout your makings.

Wax -

1. Paraffin wax - This wax is traditional wax, easy for beginners and popular too, because it melts quickly, is cheap and easily colored or scented.

2. Soy wax- It is made from soybeans. It is also unfriendly and reusable.

3.Bees wax- It has it's own lovely natural scent and has air purifying qualities.

Wicks- It plays an vital part for candle, so we must understand its elements, types of wicks and uses.

Additives- One should have knowledge for its availability and uses.

Container & molds - Clean your glass containers with dish soap and dry them thoroughly after the work done.

Non-toxic crayon or candle color block or oil based dye- Gives favorite colors to our candles.
Saucepan or large pot - it is needed to heat wax.

Oils or scents - This plays an important role for natural smell and aromatherapy.

Let's start friends :-
  • Clean and protect your work space area before you begin. Keep newspaper towels or rags for cleaning purpose in case of spills.
  • Cut your wax into small pieces, so that it melts faster.
  •  Take a large pot filled half with water.
  • See that there is space to place a smaller vessel to melt wax in a temporary boiler.(Note: You cannot put candle wax directly on heat, it'll catch fire or evaporate).
  •  Take small pieces of wax into small container inside the larger pot.
  • Place the pot on heat to high, until the water boils. The boiling water melts wax slowly.
  •  Observing the temperature of wax is very important.
  • Paraffin wax's melting period should be between 122 and 140 degrees.
  • Soy wax's is to be melted between 170* to 180*.
  • Bees wax should be melted from 145* to 175*.
 Now time for scent you love. Essential oil or fragrance oil can be used to blend. See the amount directions in the bottle. Use doper to add scent into the wax. Mix it very well. Check your thermometer, it should be around 130-140 degrees.

 Now go for colors. Dyes (oil based) or crayons are used to achieve your favorite colored candle. Add more color until you see it perfect. Stir the mixture.

 Now get ready ---
  • You can use tiny tins, old tea-cups, glass jar, fancy look tiny mugs etc. Anything that can survive heat.
  • Then place the wick at the center of the candle mold with two inches sticking out of the candle. Just after few minutes, wax begins to cool and hardens.
  • It 'll stuck solid to bottom.
  • Having improper wick means it won't burn properly and you don't want that. Simply place an old pencil or pen tied with wick in between.
  • It just needs to get steady in center for few hours.
  •  It takes long for wax to fully set and watch for the need and watch for need to be filled in.
  • Now time to level the wick sticking out few inches from candle.
  • One should light the candle to see the flame once, if the flame is more than usual then trim it and light again.
So friends, bit of practice, hard-work, testing, you can be master in the making unique candles that you can be proud to burn, give as a gift to friends and family or sell it.

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