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Traditionally, Indian prefers to invest in Gold and share market. In India people like to save their money for their future expenses. The stock market provides them an opportunity to invest and earn money through it. Over a billion, only 18 million Indians are invested in equities and going on increasing year after year. These stock exchanges contribute a significant part in the progress of our country.

Beautiful definition: - The stock market is a place where people can buy and sell pieces of companies. You should definitely learn to buy and sell stocks profitably to make your fortune.

1. The first thing you will need for any financial transaction is Permanent Account Number that is PAN card. To open a bank account, to invest in mutual funds, to file Income tax returns etc. PAN card is most essential.

2. Next is you have to choose a broker who is authorized dealer to buy and sell stocks on the market. They can be individual or companies and online agencies as Share khan, ICICI Direct, Reliance Securities etc are licensed and registered by SEBI or securities and Exchange Board of India, who regulates the share market.If you can surf internet you can also easily trade online.

3. Next step is to open a Demat account. It will hold your stocks or shares by owner ship of your name. Shares are not sewn in physical form, they are in DE-materialized state. Demat account stores the shares you are buying and selling, every move are recorded. You will receive as a statement.

4. Trading account is needed to buy and sell shares. It is managed by your broker whether he is individual or online agencies. There are two Depository Participant in India :-N.S.D.L - (National Securities Depository Limited ) C.S.D.L :- (Central Securities Depository Limited) These two firms have their agents, which shows your stocks stored with your shares bought and sold from your account.

5. The broker has to make you familiar from Demat account, Trading account as well as register with depository, you must know about it. The buying and selling of shares is happened in two exchanges of India : - B.S.E and N.S.E (Bombay Stock Exchange ) and (National Stock Exchange )

before you start shares trading, go through these lessons: --- 

Watch business news, read  articles, know the history of companies CNBC. Look at charts for hours a day. Study the history of company you are investing and see how strong fundamentals are. Learn about money management and trading psychology. A trader needs to know how the market stuff works. Simple details like trading hours, holidays, and margin requirements are to get noted. New traders should note all trades in diary, so that it works systematically and keeps you alert. Trading stock is exciting because it has risks and rewards too. Starting trade is the easy part, being successful is another story.

You can lose whatever you had invested in trading if you are ready move on...Start your small buys with safer stocks. Just take a seat, watch and study the market's ups and downs.

points to be remembered
  • Dont panic if market breaks.  
  • You should know its temporary period. 
  • Over trading is big worries for new beginners. 
  • They have no idea actually they can trade less and make more, much more. 
  • Don't expect to become a millionaire as most beginners do. 
  • Even if you are success in making lots of money, who knows your money can fly away in just one trade!  So stay careful be alert. 
  • Believe in your Strategy and price targets and just stick to them. 
  • Do not follow anybody and ignore tips given by financial media. 
  • Invest your money for long term to avoid panic. 
  • If you are in need for cash in short term, then never invest in stocks. 
  • Stay calm and handle the extreme moves and exceptional situation. 
  • Traders may know that they should wait for the right opportunity. 
  • Don't be sheep of the herd, and do what everyone does, Study what everyone else studies. 
  • So stay calm, become a millionaire And Happy investing...
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