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Can you imagine what were the dreams of 90s vs now

Music in 90s vs 2020

1. Music in 1990s vs 2020 Walkman vs ipod.
air conditioner in 90s vs 2020

2. Air conditioner in 1990s vs 2020 Window ac. Vs Split ac.

Camera in 90s vs 2020

3. Camera in 1990s vs 2020 digital camera vs Dslr.

Fan in 90s vs 2020

4. Fan in 1990s vs 2020 Table fan vs Table fan.

Car in 90s vs 2020

5. Car in 1990s vs 2020 Maruti 800 vs Fortuner.

Motorcycle in 90s vs 2020

6. Motorcycles in 1990s vs 2020 Suzuki samurai vs Duke. 

Bicycle in 90s vs 2020

7. Bicycle in 1990s vs 2020 Hero cycles vs Motorcycle tyre.

School bags in 90s vs 2020

8. School bags in 1990s vs 2020

Video games in 90s vs 2020

9. Video games in 1990s vs 2020 Video games vs Play stations.

Storage in 90s vs 2020

10. Audio cassette 1990s vs 2020 Cassette vs Pen drive.

Music system in 90s vs 2020

11. Music systems in 1990s vs 2020 Music system vs Home theater.

Fridge in 90s vs 2020

12. Fridge in 1990s vs 2020 Fridge vs Smart fridge.

Computer in 90s vs 2020

13. Computers in 1990s vs 2020 Personal computer vs Laptop

Mobile phones in 90s vs 2020

14. Mobiles phones in 1990s vs 2020 Mobile phones vs Smart phones

Television in 90s vs 2020

15. Television in 1990s vs 2020 Television vs Smart Led television.

Headphones in 90s vs 2020

16. Headphones in 1990s vs 2020 Headphone vs Air pods

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