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16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

A Startup is like magic they change the way we use to see the world here are 16 Garage startups which change the world and the way of business. These are startup which can called as revolution.
16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Microsoft founded on: Apr 04, 1975

Founder: Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Net worth: US$ 1 trillion [2020]

Microsoft was establish in 1975 in the garage of very young Bill Gates who was college dropout than.
He start his garage starup with his friend, Paul Allen in a very small space in which only two person can adjust with the name "Micro-Soft". Today Microsoft is the biggest technology industry and BillGates is the richest person on earth.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Founded on : July 5, 1994

Founder:Jeffrey Preston Bezos (Jeff Bezos)

Net worth: US$ 185.6 billion [September 30, 2020]

Amazon is a garage startup start in the garage of Jeff's parents. Jeff struggles a lot during initial periods. Many suits were filed against Amazon but Jeff was stronger than the struggle and reached the top. Now Amazon is one of the biggest online internet companies. Initiali Amazon was selling books later on they expanded every possible product they can sell.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Founded on : September 4, 1998

Founders: Larry Page, Sergey BrinNet

worth: US$ 990.25 billion [as of June 2020]

Google is a garage startup. Google got it first investment In August 1998, from Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote check worth for $100,000 to Larry and Sergey. As a result Google Inc. was officially came into existence after getting big investment. After officially commencement of Google Inc. moved from the dorms room to their first official office: which was a garage in suburban, California. And the owner of the place was Susan Wojcicki. who was the employee of Google at that time and now CEO of YouTube.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

Apple Inc.

Apple Founded on: April 1, 1976 

Founder: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne 

Net worth: US$ 2 Trillion [2020]

Apple is also a garage startup start in 1976. Which is now market leader in technology and sales of laptops, tabs, and Smartphones all over the world. Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, started the company in his parent's house in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs had to sell his transporting vehicle VW microbus, and Wozniak sold out his HP-65 calculator to collect adequate funds for the initial startup. It took 42 years for the company to reach the net worth of the company to 1 trillion and just 2 years for multiplying this sum by 2. Apple Inc is one of the biggest sharks in the business of technology.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Founded on: Oct 16,193

Founder: Walt Disney, Roy o. Disney

Net worth: US$ 130 Billion [2020]

Walt Disney is a garage startup. Disney, most commonly popular as Disney, came into existence when Walter Disney proposed his plans for it to his brother Roy o Disney. Walt Disney's first studio goes bankrupt in 1923, and as a result he planned to work with his brother in Hollywood. There, M.J Winkler associated Disney as a production partner in their series "Alice Comedies". Walt Disney was know as Disney Brother's cartoon studio. Later on in 1926 changed to Walt Disney studio. Walt Disney is a most successful company in the US and ranked itself at number 5 on "the Axios Harris Poll" in 2019. Today, Walt Disney owns various popular production houses and entertainment networks such as Marvel Studios, 20th-century studios, Lucasfilm, ABC news, FX networks, etc.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Hp Founded on: Jan 1, 1939

Founder:  David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Mohamed M. Atalla

Net worth: US$ 58.76 Billion [2020]

HP is a garage startup. Start in 1939, David Packard and Bill Hewlett started the firm in a car garage in California, which manufactured electronic measurement equipment. The first big assignment for the HP was provided by Walt Disney, in their animation movie "Fantasia". After the success of this assignment, they established Hewlett-Packard co. Today, HP is one of the most selling and reliable laptop and Notebook companies. Besides Laptops, they also succeeded in other laptop related products and spare parts such as printers, laptop batteries, and Management software, etc. They sell the most reliable laptops in the most economical price range. Hp has launched the world's thinnest Laptop HP X360 in July 2020.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Dell founded on: Feb 1, 1984

Founder: Michael S. Dell

Net worth: US$ 30 billion [2020]

Dell is a garage startup. Michael Dell, being a student at the University of Texas, started Dell Computer Corporation in 1984. After gaining a good response in the business, Dell left the school for a full-time focus on the business. He got US$ 1000 from his family for business expansion. Dell design its first Turbo PC in 1985, which was first designed Computer of its own kind. After good advertising of its products over the magazines, Dell was able to earn a profit of US$ 73 Million in the first year of commencement. Dell didn’t emphasize selling the products directly to the individuals until they make their website in 1996, where they started dealing directly with the end-users, where the sale grew rapidly. Dell is today one of the most popular companies in the field of laptops for individuals.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


YouTube founded on: Feb 14, 2005

Founder: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim

Net worth: US$ 160 Billion [2020]

YouTube is a garage startup. The founders of YouTube Felt the need for a video-sharing website, when they tried to find "super bowl incident" and "Indian ocean tsunami" videos in 2004, but failed. Then they took the idea from an online dating website called "Hot or not". Earlier, they asked for attractive women videos upload only, in exchange for US$100, but they found a few videos. After this, they decided to accept any kind of video upload over YouTube. On Nov 13, 2006, Google took over YouTube for US$ 1.65 Billion. After that, many things changed on the website, but one thing never changed, and that is the rise in the success of YouTube.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

Yankee candle

Yankee candle founded on: 1969

Founder: Michael Kittredge

Net worth: US$ 500 million [2020]

Yankee candle is a garage startup. The idea for the company began from the hobby of Michael Kittredge on Christmas in 1969, when he made a scented candle, as a gift, or his mother. People were so much excited by the products and as a result the sale increased like a rocket. Further, with the help of his school friends Donald MacIver and Susan Obremski, joined him where they help him at work as well as with funds. In 1998 The yankee candle had sold to "Forstmann little" and afterward it had acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners. Starting from the scented candle, Yankee Candle uses to sell candles, home and car fragrances, gift cards, and candle accessories.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Mattel founded on: Jan 1945

Founder: Harold Matson, Ruth Handler, Elliot Handler

Net worth: US$ 5 Billion [2020]

Mattel is a garage startup. Harold Matson and Elliot Handler founded Mattel in 1945, used to sell kids toys on a small scale. But due to poor health conditions, Matson transferred his shares to the Handler. After this, Elliot Handler's wife Ruth Handler, took the place of Matson. The first successful toy they made was "Uke-A-doodle" which was launch in 1947. Mickey Mouse, Barbie doll, Chatty Cathy, are the most successful toys from Mattel within the first 20 years of incorporation. Barbie, hot wheels, fisher price, Jurassic world, etc. are the big brands own by Mattel.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Tumblr Founded on: Feb, 2007

Founder: David Karp

Net worth: US$ 3 Million [2020]

Tumblr is a garage startup. Karp started Tumblr with the help of Marco Arment in Feb 2007. Tumblr got succeeded to get 75000 enrolment in just two weeks. Tumblr sold to Yahoo for US$ 1.1 on 20 June 2013. Karp decided to leave the company in Nov 2017. "Automatic" is the current owner of tumblr.  On the list of Alexa, Tumblr found itself on the 36th rank in 2017. It has a brilliant audience of around 300 million over its website. People found Tumblr quite a simple and economical way of microblogging.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

Mag lite

Mag lite founded on: 1955   

Founder: Anthony 'Tony' Maglica

Net Worth: US$ 550 Million [2020]

Mag lite is a garage startup. Mag-lite deals in the manufacturing and selling of flashlights and torches. The beam light is manufacture in various colors. Earlier, they used to sell the products within the US until 2004, and then they located in Ontario and started the export of their flashlights. One-fourth of the total sales of Maglite is now coming from export and it exports the products to 85 countries. The success of mag Inc started from the launch of Maglite in 1979. It is quite a durable product and gaining much popularity and appreciation till now.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business

Harly Davidson

Harly Davidson founded on: 1903

Founder: William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William A. Davidson

Net Worth: US$ 18.1 Billion [2020]

Harley Davidson was establish in 1903 in Wisconsin. Which was the time of the great depression, Harley Davidson is one of the major company which survived. William Harley and Arthur Davidson carried out their first motorbike experiment over their friend Henry Melk's Home. In the year 1906, The Davidson Brothers and William Harley built the factory for the manufacturing of motorcycles in Chestnut Street. They increased the facilities in the factory in 1907, and the production of bikes went up to 150. At present, Harley Davidson finds its dealers in almost 71 countries of the world. Harley-Davidson is the most popular and loved Motorcycle company continuously for many decades.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Ebay founded on: Sep 03, 1995

Founder: Pierre Omidyar

Net worth: US$ 18.1 Billion [2020]

Ebay is a garage startup. At first, they used to do online auctions of the products of sellers or manufacturers. The idea was a big success and gain huge traffic at the website in 1995. The name of the company was the Auction web and replaced by eBay in 1997. Ebay manage to receive a sum of US$6.7 million in fund from Benchmark Capital. But it took no time for eBay to earn success after it went public. eBay is among the most popular e-commerce websites in the world today and is available in almost 180 countries around the world.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Nike founded on: Jan 25, 1964

Founder: Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman

Net worth: US$ 34.8 Billion [2020]

Nike is like garage startup start with small store. Athlete of the University of Oregon Phil Knight and his Coach Bill Bowerman used to sell Japanese running shoes "Onitsuka Tiger" in bill's automobile in 1964. Nike also known as Blue Ribbon sports at that time. With the healthy sales of Japanese shoes, they managed to buy a retail store in 1966. In 1971 the Tie-up between the BRS and Onitsuka Tiger ended up, and it is the time when they launche their first article"Nike". Nike is the most trusted and loved sports brand today all over the world. Nike provides a variety of products in sportswear such as apparells, tracksuits, socks, vests, etc.

16 Garage startup which changed the world and business


Facebook founded on: Feb, 2004

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes

Net worth: US$ 99.6 Billion [2020]

Mark Zuckerberg formed a website known as "Facemash" in the year 2003 while being a student at Harvard University. It resembled the website "hot or not" and gained viewers in just four hours. Mark Zuckerberg, with the assistance of Eduardo Saverin, formed Facebook in 2004. Initially the students of Harvard University can only make their account on it, and most of the student enrolle on Facebook just in the few months. Slowly they availed the website for nearby countries, and on Sep 26, 2006, Facebook allowed anybody to create their profile with a valid Email id. Facebook is the most popular and successful social media interface in the world right now.


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