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There are three main ideologies now India and Indian follows as of the symbol of their religion belief.

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What is right-wing politics?

• Right wing definition as conservative ideology which supports social and economic hierarchies, capitalism, economic freedom and decentralized economy.

• Right wing believe lower taxes and regulations on business. Which can cut government load of services for citizens.

• Right wing believe in stronger border security and immigration laws think undocumented migrants lower the wages for legal immigrants and the citizen of the country.

• Right wing believe in support private education and offer benefits for private school and colleges.

• Right wing strongly oppose abortion and genetics research for reproduction.

• Right wing don't believe in gay marriages and strongly oppose LGBT community thinking as threat to society and social belief.

• Right wing believe national interest plays a key role for them. And nationality play important role for them.

• Right wing believe in giving more importance to military budget.

• Right wing believe giving more importance to tradition and accept changes with caution.

• Right wing don't interfere much in people's lives, private businesses should make sure satisfaction of citizens.

• Right wing believe in giving more power to police during public gathering or protests that may turn aggressive.

What is center politics?

• Centre politics keep eyes on the cost and track how much should spend.

• Centre politics support tradition but change is important if most citizen want it.

• Centre politics government only plays role improve life of the citizen and welfare of the society.

• Centre politics believe in Law and order are important to safeguard the well-being of the citizen and the society.

• Centre politics keep balancing between the safeguard of citizen and give a chance to offenders to change and get better.

• Centre politics believe in the mixed economy public and private and keep needed interference in the working of businesses.

What is left wing politics?

• Left wings politics definition as liberal ideology which supports the centralization of economy, anti capitalism, government will be governing other private resources.

• Left wings politics believe in Higher taxes and regulations on wealthy and private businesses. Belief which will create equality of income.

• Left wings politics believe in easy documentation and free path for undocumented immigrants and not prosecution for young, adult who doesn't have any criminal records.

• Left wings politics don't support private education in fact want reforms in government education and public schools and colleges.

• Left wings politics generally agree with the abortion rights and ready to accept the changes in reproduction research.

• Left wings politics support gun license with background check or waiting period before buying weapon. Prefer government dominance.

• Left wings politics generally support gay marriages and LGBT community.

• Left wings politics support internationalism.

• Left wings politics don't believe in spending on the military budget and border security.

• Left wings politics are open to accept change to improve welfare of all citizens.

• Left wings politics believe in law and order are important to protect the right of all citizens equally

• Left wings politics give more freedom to citizens during protests and large public gathering. And minimum power to police.

• Left wings politics believe in liberal point of view for an offender and legal system should less strict and try to give them a chance to change themselves.

Left vs right

Politics and political parties are one of the most complex systems in the world the true politics of India lies in the religious belief and not in the welfare of people of the country.

In India the current political situation of the country is fully Right or fully Left there no center oriented ideology working while country main ideology is Secular as we can call India 

the most diverse country in the world with the 3.000 castes and 25,000 sub castes with 22 official languages and 19,500 mother languages.

So, we can see Indian politics lies in the religious beliefs of the people and not in the welfare or standard of living. India has vast history of communal and religious conflicts among the people mostly for the political gain of big leaders and political parties.

Since, 1947 India has gone through very complex situation of change. The change which was agenda for the gain of political Powers among powerful and influencers in India.

Although India is having 74% literacy rate as of 2018 although religious sentiment always suppress the real development and welfare in India even educated person support some ideology from Right wing or Left wing. So when you support some ideology, you also accept the weakness and drawbacks of supporting ideology. Keeping aside the development and welfare of the people.

Now when some ideology comes along with political power it has its own drawbacks as when powerful support some ideology they will try to suppress common people with their idea of change among the people of the Country.

Now let me explain

As keeping in mind of welfare of people, true development can measure by the standard of living of the people. Which can calculated from the following metrics :

1. Quality of Medical facilities.

2. Quality of Education.

3. Employment ratio.

4. Literacy rate.

5. Child development.

6. Accurate consumer protection.

7. Crime rate and law enforcement.

8. Judicial reforms.

9. Corruption.

10. Government and public relations.
Quality of medical facilities
1. Quality of medical facilities in the country expresses the well-being and concerns of a people in the Country. Anyone can measure the qualities and concerns of the government for their voters and shows how important is the life of people for the government. If medical facilities are of high standards one will know the real concern of government for the people of the country.
Quality of education
2. Quality of education shows that how the current government thinks about the future of the country. If the education that is easy and economically less affected than the future breed of qualified people will lead the country into the real development. And if government is the least concern about the future generations shows the real face and so-called concerns for its citizens.
3. Employment ratio shows the current scenario of the government, and we can judge it by the employment available for the qualified personals in the country. Which is directly proportional to the standard of living of the family and well-being of the citizen.
Litrecy rate

4. Literacy rate plays a very important role in the overall development of the country and development of the family which is directly related to the standard of living with mental peace and ability to understand the political, religious and sentiment of the fellow citizen and family members.
Child developement
5. Child development shows sensitivity of the current government for the citizens and the future of the country as child need most cares and availability of medical facilities and proper food on time which will play an important part in the future development of the country.

Consumer protection
6. Accurate consumer's protection is very necessary for the active economic activities in the country. If the consumers are not satisfied with the services or products than there will be a zero development in the country as economy depends on consumers and if consumers are unheard or treated worse than the economy will always slow down as a result country will be facing crisis and development of the country will be paused.
Crime rate
7. Crime rate and law enforcement show the real condition of safety in the state or a country which is very important aspect of human life in present day in the world. Crime and resolution of crime are one of the most sensitive and important matters which concern in people's day to-days life. The lower the crime rate the higher the feeling of well-being in once life.
Judicial reforms
8. Judicial reforms are as important as the current laws. As, time changes there should have proper changes in judicial laws. The world is changing faster and faster and crime tends to change according to new technology and invention which lead to different kind of crime which has not been mention in any books of law in any country so Judicial reforms are important part of any country.
9. Corruption is a word which can alone define development of the country, law enforcement, crime ratio, mental and physical well-being of the citizens and the current beliefs of the citizens for their government. Corruption plays the vital role in economy and social well-being of the citizen as the low rate of corruption gives high confident on the running government which is a good sign for the real development of a country.
Government public
10. Government and public relations are very crucial part of any governance of any country. The most public connected government always get appreciated and in back will get the huge support of the public in any of the government reforms or policy which will tend to the basic part for development of the country and it's citizens.

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